Calibretto 13 - Fall Away

Judul : Calibretto 13 - Fall Away
Artist : Calibretto 13
Genre : Pop
Language : English
Published : November 04, 2021
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Now   Johnny   took   a   trip   to   Brazil  
To   spread   the   truth,   to   preach   what   is   real.
When   he   got   back   home   he   had   such   a   fire,  
But   just   a   month   later   he   lost   his   desire.
Now   the   world   was   calling,   he   couldn't   miss   out.
Closed   his   Bible   and   he   started   to   doubt.
He   ditched   all   his   Christian   friends
And   he   went   back   to   the   worldly   trends.
He   said,   "Why   can't   we   keep   it?
Our   quiet   times   and   relationships?
Why   do   we   fall   away   so   fast?  
We   gotta   fight   the   fight,   day   by   day   and   night   by   night.
That's   the   only   way   we're   going   to   last.   We're   gonna   last."
Now   all   through   the   summer,   Jill   was   for   real.  
Well,   she   had   a   fire   that   no   one   could   steal.
And   then   school   started.   Got   back   to   the   clique,  
Lost   her   faith   so   darn   quick.
Well   at   first   ya   know   she   tried   to   keep   it.  
It   was   too   hard   she   just   couldn't   do   it.
Closed   her   Bible,   went   back   to   the   crowd  
As   her   quiet   time   fell   to   the   ground.
Can't   warm   ourselves   with   the   crowd.   Can't   put   our   Bibles   down.