Burton Cummings - Charlemagne

Judul : Burton Cummings - Charlemagne
Artist : Burton Cummings
Genre : Rock
Language : English
Published : November 01, 2021
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[Verse   1]
She   got   a   red   dress
Kickin'   up   pretty   heels
She's   playing   the   money   games
Givin'   us   men   a   thrill
Spendin'   nights   in   Sin   City
Wearin'   all   the   upper   class   women   down
She   cannot   or   she   could   not
Change   her   name   to   Jezebel
Well,   never   once   did   she   try
No,   no,   no,   she   couldn't   change   her   name   to   Jezebel
[Verse   2]
I   got   an   army   then   I   gave   them   spears
But   then   I   seize   the   power
And   I   went   around   for   a   hundred   years
I   was   doin'   alright
Takin'   what   I   need   and   what   I   wanted   to
I   did   not   and   I   could   not
Change   my   name   to   Charlemagne
Well,   never   once   did   I   try
But   no,   no,   no,   I   couldn't   change   my   name   to   Charlemagne
[Guitar   Solo]
[Verse   3]
Sailin'   up   past   Jupiter,   Venus   in   my   skies
Well,   then   I'm   headin'   back   for   the   water
It's   comin'   as   no   surprise  
And   am   I   doing   alright
They   even   gonna   check   my   fingerprints
But   I   was   not   and   I   never   could   be
Never   couldn't   be   no   astronaut
But   never   once   did   I   try
No,   no,   no,   no,   I'll   never   be   no   astronaut
And   I   did   not   or   I   could   not
Change   my   name   to   Charlemagne
No,   Charlemagne,   yeah,   yeah,   yeah