Bill Mallonee - Soliloquy

Judul : Bill Mallonee - Soliloquy
Artist : Bill Mallonee
Genre : Pop
Language : English
Published : November 02, 2021
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One   to     get   my   tongue   loosened
Two   for   a   broken   heart
Three   for    all   of   that   wreckage   that   we,
Left   in   the   dark
So,   one   more,   yeah   the   neon's   getting   fuzzy
Two,   hey   pal,   can   you   help   me   find   my   keys?
Three,   if   you   could   point   me   in   the   right   direction,
Well   I   might   get   home   again
Well   I'll   tell   you   frankly   what   I   think   about   it,
From   this   bully   pulpit   barstool,
And   everybody's   nodding   but   nobody's   listening,
To,   to   this   fool
Fumbling   for   some   loose   pocket   change,
To   spend   at   a   payphone   in   the   rain,
To   say   I'm   sorry   a   thousand   times,
Verse   2:
Yeah   your   heart   kid,   seems   to   be   open,
But   round   here,   tonight   it's   closing   time
And   that   lame-ass   way   you   have   of   coping,
You   can   read   between   the   lines
There   is   a   very   old   saying,
Known   by   every   boxer   in   the   ring
You   tell   yourself   whe   your   cut   and   bleeding,
You   don't   feel   a   thing