Aaron Shust - Oh Praise (The Only One)

Judul : Aaron Shust - Oh Praise (The Only One)
Artist : Aaron Shust
Genre : Pop
Language : English
Published : July 15, 2021
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There is no greater truth than this
There is no stronger love we know
God Himself comes down to live
and makes the sinner’s heart His throne

There is no greater peace than this
No other kindness can compare
He clothes us in His righteousness
Forever free, forever heirs

Oh praise the only One
Who shines brighter than a thousand suns
Death and hell call Him victorious
Praise Him!

Oh praise the One True King
Lift it loud till the earth and Heaven ring
Every crown we lay down at His feet
Praise Him!

There is no sweeter joy than this
There is no stronger hope we hold
We are His forevermore
Safe and secure by Christ alone

There is no sound that’s like the song
That rises up from grateful saints
We once were lost but now we’re found
One with Him we bear His Name